Internships last a minimum of 10 weeks, and are a vital part of our operation. Interns will get dirty, work hard, and see first hand the beauty of this unique operation. We love being able to share our knowledge of flowers, and to provide a hands on learning environment. 

We try hard to make sure interns are involved with every aspect part of the farm. These activities include, but are not limited to;  sowing seeds, pulling weeds, transplanting plugs into the field, watering, harvesting flowers, washing buckets, making bouquets, attending farmers markets, tending to the chickens, greeting Farm Stay guests, and more.

Interning on the farm is very much a shared work and living experience. The farm house accommodates up to 6 interns, 3 in each of the large spacious rooms. Each person will have their own bed, dresser, and access to the rest of the house. There is a washer/dryer and wi-fi. There is a full bathroom, 1/2 bath, and outdoor shower for interns to use. We have two farm cats who live in the greenhouse, and we prefer interns leave their pets at home. Every one works six days a week. There is daily stipend of $30, and all food is provided. 

Keep an eye on our instagram for openings or visit for similar opportunities.  If you're interested in this program, fill out the form below.  tell us about who you are, your skills, interests, and goals. 

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