• A small site fee is charged for commercial photography on the property and is based on the number of participants. We kindly ask that you tag us in any photos on social media! @wollamgardens

  • Fee includes a two-hour schedule block and use of all 11 acres of the property.

    • 1-7 clients: $50

    • 7-20 clients : $100

    • 21-30 clients: $200

  • Shoot must be booked at least 4 days in advance and is based on availability.

  • Note: On-site weddings take priority for weekends leading to greater availability on weekdays.

  • Application is below; email with further questions


  • Non-commercial photography does not require a permit.

  • You are welcome to explore any of the Wollam Gardens public areas from Monday - Thursday. Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays are reserved for on-site events and weddings.



  • While shooting, photographers cannot block off any area.

  • Do not walk, stand, or place tripods in planted areas or bare soil.

  • Picking flowers is prohibited.

  • No plants shall be tied up or modified in any manner with pins, tape, twine, etc. Do not move or change position of potted plants or remove any signs or labels from planted areas.

  • Anyone not in compliance will be asked to leave the property

ex: if photographer is passing fee along to their client
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