Care Tips 

Thank you for purchasing some of our flower and/or potted succulents! Here are some tips so you can enjoy them as much as possible. 

Cut Flower Care

Recut stem half to one inch and place in cool clean water

For woody cut stems like viburnum or hydrangeas or flowering branches such as lilac or spirea, place in HOT water (turn faucet on to hot until steam appears)

Change water, rinse out container, and trim stems daily

Keep flowers in a cool area inside, out of direct sunlight

Enjoy them while they last! Flowers are fleeting, like everything beautiful.

Succulent Care 

Keep in a bright and sunny area of your home, we suggest a south facing window

Find location in home that mimics their natural environment. Most succulents grow in arid or desert environments with bright sun. So a steamy bathroom with little light (though it might look great) won't be a good spot for this plant to thrive. 

When watering, water the soil/rocks rather than the plant itself. Place in sink and give it a good soak. Water should come out of the drainage holes in the bottom of pot.  

Let succulents dry out COMPLETELY in-between waterings.  If you check the soil and if you feel any moisture, wait another week.