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Wollam Gardens is proud to be part of the “locally grown” movement! We use flowers grown on our own farm to create fresh arrangements that reflect the seasonal rhythms of nature.

Buying local flowers is like shopping at the farmers market…they have tomatoes in the summer and turnips in the winter; likewise, we have peonies in the spring and dahlias in the fall. Your flowers will reflect the home-grown, seasonal aesthetic that we cherish. We will strive to capture your style and color palette using the flowers we grow. If you are genuinely interested in the unique look and home-grown freshness of local flowers, you must have an open mind!

Wollam Gardens offers everything from full-service design for events on our farm to bulk flower buckets for do-it-yourselfers. We do not have a minimum order because we want our flowers to be accessible to everyone. We can develop budget-appropriate options for any size event. If your budget is limited, please consider our market bouquet and bulk flower options. You may also choose a combination of these approaches; many clients entrust us to design custom bouquets and other “personal flowers”, while they put together table arrangements from bulk flowers.

For events on our farm, please visit The “Wedding Gallery” page to see some of the things we can do to dress up our unique event space. For events at other venues, we can provide custom-designed bouquets and other personal flowers, table arrangements, and other arrangements for the ceremony and reception. We do not typically offer set-up, installation, or break-down for off-site events, and our capacity for delivery is limited. Please inquire, nevertheless! Depending on what else we have scheduled for the weekend of your event, we might be able to provide more comprehensive services.

The pricing below is shown to give you a sense of what to budget for your flowers. Each event is different, and prices will vary according to seasonality and individual preferences. Once we have talked with you, we will present a quote for your special event.  

Bridal Bouquets $195 minimum to $300+
Bridesmaid Bouquets $95 minimum to $150+
Boutonnieres $20
Corsages: bracelet corsage $40, pin-on $28
Flower Crowns, Headpieces, and Dog Collars $55 minimum to $100+

Mason Jar Arrangements $35 minimum to $50+
Bud vases $10 minimum to $15+
Custom Centerpieces $35 to $275+
Other Arrangements by consultation

Bridal Party


Bulk Flowers for DIY
All bulk flower buckets contain 50 stems, except Bouquet Buckets, which contain 100 stems. Bulk flower buckets are “Grower’s Choice”… we’ll select the best of what’s available the week of your event; we cannot guarantee specific flowers.

Premium Flowers $175/50 stems
Premium flowers include lilies, ranunculus, tulips, peonies, lisianthus, hydrangeas, and dinnerplate dahlias. Price will vary depending on the flowers in season during your event, but will range from $150 to $250 per bucket.

Garden Flowers $100/50 stems
Garden flowers include poppies, snapdragons, sweet peas, stock, zinnias, celosia, sunflowers, small dahlias, and many more.

Filler and Foliage Bucket $75/50 stems
Fillers and foliage include Queen Anne’s lace, statice, ageratum, gomphrena, grasses, ferns, basil, mint, autumn olive foliage, and many more.

Evergreens $125/50 stems
Evergreens include varieties of cedar, spruce, magnolia, and other hardy greens. Great for applications where foliage will not be in water.

Bouquet Bucket $200/100 stems
An all-in-one Bouquet Bucket contains everything you need to make 3 to 10 bouquets or arrangements. 100 total stems include a selection of focal (premium) flowers, accent (garden) flowers, filler, and foliage.

 *Get a Discount on Bulk Flowers
Take 10% off your bulk flower purchase if you have no color preferences and you require no assistance with your order. We’re happy to help you figure out how many buckets to order, but you will not be eligible for a discount if you require our assistance. We encourage you to experiment with some trial arrangements to figure out how many stems will give you the look you want. (Visit us at the farm or the farmers market to purchase trial flowers!) Just write “I’m interested in the discount” in the “Additional Thoughts” box at left, and we’ll send you the order form.*

*Seasonal Market Bouquets
Like the bouquets we sell at our farmers markets, these will be made from the best of what’s available on the day we prepare for your event. Market Bouquets can be carried by the wedding party or placed into vases for centerpieces (or both!) Colors and flowers may vary from one bouquet to the next. Market bouquets are not curated, composed, nor finished in any way. This option does not include any consultation time; just write “I’m interested in Seasonal Market Bouquets” in the “Additional Thoughts” box at left, and we’ll send you an order form.*

Small Market Bouquet (suitable for bridesmaid bouquet, pint-size mason jar or similar) $35

Large Market Bouquet (suitable for bridal bouquet, wide-mouth quart-size jar or similar) $50

Grower’s Choice Boutonnieres/Pin Corsages $18/$25

 *Seasonal market bouquets and bulk flowers must be ordered using order form to be eligible for special pricing and discounts. Any time we spend answering questions about how much to order, what will be included in your bouquets or buckets, or addressing preferences--whether via email, phone, or in person--qualifies as a consultation and eliminates the option to receive a discount or special market bouquet pricing. If you’re looking for the most affordable option and you’re entirely flexible about your flowers, just indicate that you’re interested in bulk flowers and/or seasonal market bouquets in the “Additional Thoughts” box at left, and we’ll send you an order form. If you’re interested in combining budget-friendly options with other custom designs, select all that apply, and we will schedule a consultation and then decide whether to apply discounts to your quote.