BOB wollam, farm owner

Bob Wollam [farm owner] 

Bob is the farm’s guiding light. he started growing cut flowers in 1988.  with the gardening genes of his grandparents he’s turned these 11 acres into fields of beautiful varieties. He’s full of knowledge and great stories.

Bob splits his time between the farm and dc where he's resided for 28 years as a community activist, husband, and father. He is married to Anne Montgomery, a longtime friend. they were the first to be married in the farm’s new pavilion in 2015.  

Jillian McFadyen [field manager - general manager]

Jillian runs the farm at Wollam Gardens. From seeding to blooms, she’s an invaluable piece of our farm's production. She started out as a florist and now won’t leave the fields. With her eye for design and a will to experiment, our growth has been stunning and fruitful. 

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Hillary Gottemoeller [business manager/lead designer]

Hillary came to Wollam Gardens with a background in publishing, content management, and client relations, and a strong interest in learning how to run a flower farm. She has applied her corporate skills to handling the farm's business logistics and communication, engaging with clients ranging from designers and retailers to brides, but she most enjoys being in the field and in our outdoor "studio", engaged in creative and nurturing endeavors. 

Claire Tolentino [market coordinator/designer]

Claire came to us from Kansas, land of the sunflowers.  As an intern, she took responsibility for one market, then another, and in her second season, all of them! Now in her third year on the farm, she’s in charge of all market operations.  Her bright energy perfectly conveys our passion for flowers to our market customers. She's also a creative floral designer who can make a bride's visions come to life.  


arrin Sutliff [event director]

arrin leads the development of our newly built pavilion. She came to Wollam Gardens from dc with a love for nature and community. She guides our conversations with clients about weddings, events, and off-site collaborations. Arrin also leads floral related workshops on the farm.